Post Purchase Surveys

Have you brought an old house and realised that there is a bit more to than just ‘doing it up’ ?

Does your house have a persistent damp problem ?

Has a surveyor diagnosed rising damp but you are not so sure ?

If so Standard Heritage can help

Have you brought an old house and realised that there is a bit more to than just ‘doing it up’ ?  Or  do you have a persistent damp problem and  been  diagnosed with ‘rising damp’ by a surveyor but you are not so sure of the diagnosis ? !

It is essential that that repairs to any defects or alterations that you do to your old building are done the right way, with the right materials and that the buildings original design principles are respected.  If you don’t do things the right way, with the right materials, you are building problems in which will tend to manifest sooner or later and  are often  mistaken for ‘rising damp’.

Our post purchase  Damp/ Refurbishment surveys are unique.

These surveys are  a combination of  a building and  a damp survey, they give clear advice on what materials to use  in your building and how to go about any changes. Apart from drying  out your house  they are a blueprint  of how to maintain it – properly! This service includes energy saving measures.

We will listen to what you have to say and let you show us around your building. We  then carry out the survey. Post survey we walk around the building with you showing you what we have found and explain what  does and doesn’t need to be done. This so that you know what needs to/needs not  be done and why.

We then issue a detailed report with recommendations that any decent builder should be able to carry out. We are happy to discuss with builders and explain/clarify how to use lime mortars and plasters, lime washes, clay and linseed paints etc. We can also help supervise the works with on-site visits. 

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page if you would like to discuss a project;

We can also manage your project by pulling the builder into a contract, this gives you, your budget and your building the benefit of a legally binding way of delivering any work. Please see our Project  Management / Supervision  page for further details;