Standard Heritage was at the Ramsgate Heritage Action Zone Stake Holder Engagement Event,held at the Grange this week.


The  group of ‘Stakeholders’ were made up of local business people, members of Thanet District Council, Historic England, Kent School of Architecture (University of Kent), Georgian Brickwork  and Standard Heritage, to name but a few. But for those of us on the ‘ heritage skills development ’ table the most exiting attendee was Glen Young – director of the Heritage Craft Alliance.

We (Standard Heritage) will be offering as much support as we can in setting up a heritage skills centre in Ramsgate.

If you are a local crafts person and you are interested in ‘up-skilling’ so that you can carry out appropriate works to our rich historic environment, please feel free to contact us, and we will keep you updated and hopefully get you some training  in the near future.


See link below for more information about  the Heritage Action Zone;