Feedback from a mortgage provider

Not only do we get great feedback from our clients, we also get it from other property professionals too.

It is really good to see what mortgage providers think of our services ¬†compared to the ¬†‘alternatives’ !

“I have studied the Damp Report produced by Michael Foley AssocRICS. This is a traditional surveyor’s report, not one from a “specialist” Timber and Damp Proofing firm and it presents an altogether different, highly commendable, traditional and holistic approach to dealing with the problem of dampness in this historic building.

The recommendations it makes are numerous and comprehensive but will need time to be effective and there is no estimate for the cost. The applicant should obtain an estimate from a suitable building contractor experienced in dealing with old buildings and the traditional methods of repair and remedial work recommended prior to legal commitment to purchase.

Because the remedies are not all “instant”, for example the building needs to be given time to dry out before works can be completed, the release of any retention will necessarily be delayed. Accordingly, whilst I would have to insist upon the initial maintenance of the retention of ¬£5000, I would be prepared to sanction its release upon presentation of a bona fide estimate for all of the works as recommended above and once it is clear from works in progress that there is full commitment to the project rather than necessarily waiting for full completion. This would have to be at my judgement and subject to a re-inspection. I would also strongly advise that Michael Foley is retained to oversee and certify the works.”